About Us

What is Be More Geek? Well to start with it’s a whole lot of fun and something we’re all exceptionally proud of here at BMG HQ!

It started as an idea and project within Grainger Games, which sadly closed last year but we decided to keep the Be More Geek! brand alive and after a few months we opened our first independent store in the heart of Newcastle Upon Tyne. Wey aye man!  And then in August this year we opened our second store in Middlesbrough! Then in September we made it a trilogy by opening our third store in the Metro Centre, Gateshead, now then! 

All three stores are a haven for all things Geek. Covering as many of your beloved licenses as you can imagine and run by a team of film, tv and gaming enthusiasts there really isn’t anywhere better to unleash your inner geek.

We love what we do.  Half the time we shed a tear when we see stock leaving the stores as we collect most of it ourselves!  But we’re committed to providing an unbelievable service for our customers.  Want to come in and chat about what you think will happen in the next Marvel film? Great!  Want us to track down an item you’ve been looking for but can’t find anywhere else?  We’re happy to join the hunt!   Stuck for what to buy your best friend for their birthday?  Where do we start!  Want to trade in your old games for the best price in town?   We’ve got you covered!  We believe everyone should Be More Geek! and our incredible group of staff are here to help you do just that. 

We also have this lovely website! Delivering the same growing range of collectibles, merchandise and games at incredibly competitive prices.  It’s not the finished article by any means.  Much like our store when it opened there is still much to be done but we’re going to make this a website for the geeks made by the geeks. So have a browse. Tell us what you think. We care immensely about our customers' feedback which is the driving force of the business. And if you want to buy something, well that’s fantastic as well!